Niels Christian Hansen

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N. C. Hansen

Niels Chr. Hansen is currently doing a PhD on musical expectation mechanisms and statistical learning under the supervision of Prof Peter Vuust and Dr Marcus Pearce. In 2011/2012 he worked as a research assistant at Queen Mary, University of London, as an organist at The Danish Church in London, and carried out external consultancy work for two Danish conservatoires. Previous to this, Niels Chr. Hansen was awarded distinction in his MSc in Music, Mind & Brain from Goldsmiths College (UK). He also holds an MMus in music theory and a BA in classical piano and music theory, both from the Royal Academy of Music Aarhus. Moreover, in 2008/09 he studied at the Conservatory and University of Amsterdam.

Niels Chr. Hansen’s primary research interests include music cognition, music theory & analysis, ethnomusicology, and neuroscience. In his MSc thesis he investigated entropy as a model of perceptual uncertainty in melodic pitch expectation. His music-theoretical work places a special emphasis on North-American, theory-based analysis and on the works of Tōru Takemitsu. Niels Chr. Hansen’s MMus thesis established a status report of music theory in Denmark focusing on analytical methodology towards the Western, postwar repertoire. His research has been published in Dutch Journal of Music Theory, Music Education Research, Danish Yearbook of Musicology, and Journal of Music and Meaning and has been presented on conferences in DK, DE, BE, NL, UK, SE, GR, IT, and SRB.

Niels Chr. Hansen has performed Central Javanese gamelan music for a number of years, and as a classical pianist he has attended master classes and performed concerts in DK, SE, PL, NL, DE, UK, LV, and IT. In 2006-08 Niels Chr. Hansen was the president of the National Board of Music Students in Denmark organising the national, humanitarian event ‘Day of Music’ in 2007 and 2008.

Contact:, ph. +45 25 33 88 33.

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